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Inspections & Permits

The Inspection Department is responsible for the review and approval of building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical plans and specifications. Applications for building permits, change-in-land-use permits, fire sprinkler permits and fire alarm permits are issued though the Township Office. All municipal land use boards are administered through the Inspection and Planning Departments. Depending on the complexity of a project, electric, plumbing and mechanical permits are issued directly to the licensed contractor or homeowner who is doing the work. 

Building Inspector        Mick Iden        (269) 209-3602
Electrical Inspector   Ed Harris   (269) 968-4422
Mechanical/Plumbing   Andrew Harrison   (269) 968-4422


Next time you need a form or permit save yourself a trip to the Township office and just click and print it from our site.

Permit Applications

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