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Supervisor Office

Pennfield Township Supervisor Kevin Leiter

Dear Fellow Residents:
Your elected Township officials are committed to working cooperatively, solving problems, addressing your concerns, and building a stronger township.  I will always remember that you, the people of Pennfield Township, have elected me to this position and that it is you, not me, who retains the power.

Given the state's still-recovering economic landscape, this is an especially challenging time for everyone.  As Supervisor, I look forward to serving you by exploring new ground and learning new things so that together we can find ways of accomplishing work in simpler, faster, and better ways.  That means we'll be confronting and working to resolve some very tough issues and remembering through it all that there's no wisdom like frankness. 

Our ultimate goal will be to meet the needs of our community and do so with a balanced township budget with no new taxes or tax increases.  We will prevail as long as we welcome ideas, advice, and support from each other, and fully commit ourselves to a shared vision and shared values. 

Tough times require tough decisions, and your Board of Trustees is ready to tackle tough decisions in a positive and proactive manner.