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Special Hazards

Because families in apartment complexes live so close together, there are special areas of concern when it comes to fire safety. Apartment complexes are simply a series of small, connected homes. It’s important to remember that what you do in your apartment can affect people living six-doors down, or even in the next building.

Special hazards that affect people who live in apartments:

  • Often, there is only one way in or out - no back door
  • Stairways are often built entirely of wood. If the stairwell or walkway is on fire, you may not be able to exit through the front door. 
  • Congested parking can mean blocked fire hydrants and/or blocked fire lanes. (A ladder truck can be 8 – 9-feet wide, and 50-feet long. A blocked fire lane can slow down response time.) 
  • An apartment building is, in effect, a very densely populated neighborhood. (If the downstairs or next door apartment is on fire, it can spread quickly to adjoining apartments in a matter of minutes.) Without properly working smoke alarms, it make take a lengthy amount of time before finding out that another part of the apartment building is on fire. Consequently, this could cut your chances of getting out of the building alive.